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with the first global radio app for kids

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Airi is a unique app for kids, different from your usual app. It is audio-based and guilt free. Listen to stations from your backyard or all the way to the four corners of the world. Let your child be taken to a world full of gripping stories, exciting science-shows, kid-friendly talks and news and of course, music!

Icon of smiling child Airi is a safe space for little ears: 100% kids' radio. Don’t worry about inappropriate content.
icon of hands and a clock Airi is a parents’ time-saver: No links out of the app. No need to supervise. You can rely on us!
icon of smartphone crossed out Airi is all about less screen time: Your kid's own imagination is the most colourful movie!
icon of sense of hearing Airi focuses on listening: Kids who are good listeners are also great communicators.

Airi is a WebApp and loves most devices. No storage needed. Just click.

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Airi is an app for kids to listen, dance and dream

Thanks to more than 250 carefully selected kids’ radio stations and programmes, Airi brings the world to your fingertips

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Listen and Learn: Did you know that good listening skills are essential in developing reading and writing abilities? Kids’ radio focuses on the sense of listening and helps your child to concentrate on hearing. Discover with Airi a world full of gripping stories and exciting science shows! Many radio stations even broadcast child-friendly news and talks made by kids.

What it is good for: waiting at the doctor’s office, quiet time, car rides, puzzling and colouring

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Dance and Sing: Are you tired of listening to the same three songs over and over again? Let your kid discover new music by picking one of our many radio stations. Your family will never have felt closer than while shaking out the sillies to some surprising beats or singing out loud in the car on your next family road trip. Create memories that will last a lifetime!

What it is good for: parties with friends, moving together as a family, exercising together, and car rides

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Dream and Calm: Are you sometimes struggling to calm your little one down when times get stressful? Open Airi and you will find radio stations with soothing voices and sounds to find some peace. Radio gives your child the opportunity to dive into stories and let them forget about the world around them. Or let radio be your family’s sweet companion for your nighttime routine. Many radio stations play lullabies and goodnight stories in the evening.

What it is good for: Sleepy time, stress reduction, relaxation, and quiet time

What Airi offers

icon of radio A variety of more than 250 kid's radio stations from more than 40 countries.
icon of family Different profiles for each family member.
icon of heart Kids can save their own favourite stations.
icon of locker PIN protected parent mode. Manage what your kid is supposed to listen to.
icon of worldmap Educational value (first knowledge about flags, continents, countries and different languages).